Alice & Me

"I am grateful for the insight provided in a reading by LaVerne Baker Hotep, master numerologist that adds depth and color to areas of my past and present life.   This ancient, often overlooked Science, Numerology, highly valuable yet unknown to far too many people who could certainly use it, can lead to a greater sense of direction in one’s appreciation of existence and activity in the world."

- Alice Walker, author of "the color purple"

"Thank you for being the vessel to unveil ourselves to ourselves. I am having so many points of awareness and can see through, previously shadowed aspects of myself. There is something to be said when what we think is in alignment with who we are, divine entities with a purpose greater than our mortal distractions."

- Sheba

"My reading not only confirmed what I knew to be my natural talents and purpose in life, but gave me a level of comfort in pursuing my true calling."

- Kesi, Pittsburgh, PA

"I feel more enlightened and open to embracing certain qualities that I've been challenged to understand and accept within myself."

- Catherine Skolnicki

"LaVerne has a unique talent for numerology reading.  She was able to interpret my numbers in a way that made sense and provided me with enlightenment as to who I have always been, who I am, and who I can truly inspire to be."

- Kim O’onnell

"I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! I am the Indian woman who shared that my grandfather used to use numerology. Thanks!"

- Neelaveni Sankar

"Everyone I spoke with really enjoyed your presentation.  In fact, it seems that they would like to learn more.  We couldn't believe how fast the evening passed.  You have a dynamic personality and are so knowledgeable.  Thank you for coming to the Upper St. Clair Community ."

- Ellen Whiman

"I was not prepared for how much information I would receive and how it would change my life forever.  I was overwhelmed with joy, anxiousness, and self-awareness about what numbers meant and how they connected to my every day journey."

- Alena Brown, MSW

"We enjoyed your workshop. We learned a lot."

- Bill Schratz

"The time is now for the wise ones to come forward with this ancient info to help shift things for the better;  LaVerne is one such person that spirit has guided to put in the work and time to learn this incredibly in-depth knowledge!  "She presents it in such a loving, gentle, sometimes comical but still truthful fashion that allows you integrate the knowledge seamlessly and have fun with it.  I think LaVerne offers everyone a greater knowledge of self that we all desire and a sense of understanding and compassion for ourselves and others."

- Kellee Maize, Founder, Nakturnal

"Your presentation was well-received.  Thanks to you, our audience learned how this ancient science can be used as a tool to better understand the themes and patterns of life.  We are grateful you could share your time and knowledge with us"

- Helen M. Palascak, Director, Upper St. Clair Library

"WOW! I had such a wonderful time listening to LaVerne speak about numerology!  The information she shared was so relevant and truly helped me gain insight into understanding my relationships with others, as well as where I am in my life. I am so grateful that I was able to participate in this workshop with LaVerne!"

- Cass Mouse, Member, Goddess Gathering, Pittsburgh

"LaVerne is awesome! She is a wealth of knowledge; I learned a lot and can't wait to explore more with her. Her session helped me to put some pieces to my spiritual puzzle together. Thank you, LaVerne. You rock!"

- Bobbi Williams Artist, writer, healer, educator

"I continue to be impressed with the accuracy of my reading.  It was an amazing confirmation of everything my inner voice was speaking.  I highly recommend utilizing the gift of a reading by LaVerne; she has been blessed with a gift to share information that can truly lead to Enlightened Living."

- Connie Tinsley Certified Yoga  and Zumba Instructor, Stay Fit w Connie

"Thank you for your reading.  I am reflecting on everything you shared and I’m grateful for the insight.  Appreciate you."

Bekezela Mguni,  New Voices Pittsburgh

"Everyone loved your program! Please do come again"

Lee Boyd, Program Coordinator, Upper St. Clair Library

"I thought the class was so interesting.  I learned so much about myself through numerology.  LaVerne is so knowledgeable; I want to learn more about the subject! Excellent class.  I have learned so much about myself.  You are so helpful!"

Students from class at Carnegie Mellon University

"LaVerne's approach is intelligent, professional and very thorough. She organized her comments in a way that help me reflect on different aspects of her findings."

Pence Revington, EducatorParents as Teachers

"LaVerne – you are a master communicator and always focus on the positive.  I am always happy and excited to attend your class."


"Thank you, LaVerne for always and everyday making such a profound difference on the playground of earth."

-Anne Fleming, Entrepreneur

“Through the wisdom of numerology, LaVerne is a channel of hope and inspiration.  Her mindful delivery of an ancient science is healing to the soul.  I am grateful to have had a deeply scared experience that is helping me remember who I truly am.”

-Shirley, Cleveland

“The information LaVerne provided during my consultations have become invaluable tools to better understand facets of my true self and continues to assist me in making thoughtful decisions in meaningful ways.  Not only does she provide insight on how to be your higher self but also guidance during indecisive moments.”

-Deanna Mance, Pittsburgh

"Thank you so much LaVerne! You are a blessing to the planet. I pray you are raising successors so that your gift will continue to bless humanity in future lifetimes to come."

-Carolyn Renee, Atlanta, GA

“I continue to feel enriched by your presence and deep insight, wisdom and compassion.”

-Susan Pudek

After my reading with LaVerne I felt more clarity about the work I’m meant to do in the world. I also have more insight about the ways in which I’m naturally creating and manifesting opportunities in support of my true path. I now feel a sense of inspiration and more confidence to move in the direction of my dreams. I cannot recommend getting a reading by her enough.

-Kelsey, Oakland, CA