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I’m LaVerne Baker Hotep, Numerology Practitioner, human potential specialist and founder of Verna Darnel International, a consultancy specializing in helping women and girls recognize their innate abilities, expand their creative potential, and align with their personal and universal soul purpose through Numerology.  I am a wife, mother, grandmother, community educator and peace advocate. And among my many other endeavors, also a performing artist, radio talk show producer and host.  Welcome to my website.  I was drawn to the intuitive and transformational aspects of this ancient art and science over thirty years ago while browsing through a Michigan metaphysical bookshop. A numerology book fell from a shelf and literally landed at my feet.  When I picked it up and perused the pages, it felt as though I was being reacquainted with something very familiar.  Like a fish to water, I was drawn to the fundamental principles of Numerology.  I quickly and intuitively understood the symbolism of numbers and my spirit resonated with the truths therein. I purchased the book, and from then until now not a day has passed that I have not researched, practiced, tested, reflected upon, and been fascinated by the insight and accuracy of Numerology. This esoteric philosophy became a love of my life, and the meaning of numbers became woven into the fabric of my everyday existence.

I have used numerology to guide my decisions in every aspect of my life and I have helped empower hundreds of clients by revealing the meanings of names, dates and cycles. I have found it to be a powerful self-help tool, affirming our own inner whispers of wisdom. My unique approach combines Numerology and Intuition to create a profound synthesis of both ancient and spiritual sciences, providing insightful and inspiring consultations.

In addition to teaching a much sought after Numerology class at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Lifelong Learning, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I offer private readings, group workshops and lectures,  and address all things numerological my Internet radio program, Numerology for Enlightened Living©.

Simply put, numbers are my passion and bringing this knowledge to bear in the world is my purpose.  I want to live in a world where everyone, especially women and girls, reaches their highest potential.  Numerology is a pathway to self- discovery, self-acceptance, and clarity about what you came into the world to contribute. It is my joy and privilege to analyze, interpret and share the knowledge inherent in the language of numbers.  I believe that through this work, I fulfill my sacred purpose for the creation of a better world by using Numerology to illuminate the path of anyone who seeks to live a more enlightened life.

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Numerology can offer us guidance and assist us in leading a more meaningful life


A numerology profile is a personalized aid to help you appreciate and plan your life from a place of deeper understanding. It will give you information about yourself and your destiny that can help you realize your full potential and get the most out of life.

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LaVerne Baker Hotep specializes in numerological forecasting and analysis.  She teaches numerology classes at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Life Long Learning while consulting with her clients in the US and abroad.

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numerology profiles

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General Life Profile

An overview of your innate skills, talents and life potential and purpose; also a look a “what time it is” in your life and discussion about current and upcoming trends and cycles

Child/Student Profile

a guide to understanding your child or student’s personality, emotional traits, physical skill, mental aptitudes; this tool will help you guide and support them to reach their highest potential.

Compatibility Profile

An in-depth look at a potential marriage or business partner, provides insight into how you and someone else will act and react in a relationship.