What is a Numerology Profile?

A numerology profile is a personalized aid to help you plan your life more intelligently by telling you facts about yourself and your destiny that can help you live up to your full potential and get the most out of life. It uses two sets of numbers–one derived from your name and the other from your birth date. The numbers in your name describe your personality, your inner self, what makes you tick, how others see you, and where your hidden talents lie.  The numbers in your birth date describe the environment you will be exposed to at different times in your life, the opportunities you will have, and the obstacles you are likely to face. It is the combination of these two together–name and birth date–that is unique.  Many people share the same birth date, and some people may even have the same name. But you are the only person in the world who has that particular combination, which is why no two lives are exactly the same.

Numerology Readings

General Life Profile

An overview of your innate skills, talents and life potential and purpose; also a look a “what time it is” in your life and discussion about current and upcoming trends and cycles

Child/Student Profile

A guide to understanding your child or student’s personality, emotional traits, physical skill, mental aptitudes; this tool will help you guide and support them to reach their highest potential.

Personal Year Update

An evaluation of your personal trends and events to be unfolded during the current year, with a glimpse backward and a look forward with a look at how to direct the personal affairs get the best from the experiences scheduled to be lived through during the twelve months of the year.

Compatibility Profile

An in-depth look at profiles of potential marriage or business partner provides insight into how you and someone else will act and react in a relationship.

Business/Company Name Profile

Insight into the nature, purpose and culture of your business and the message the name conveys, whether you are a well-seasoned owner, starting a new business or considering working for a company or organization.